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Articulate value and differentiate from your competition!

A successful sales conversation requires that your sales team link high priority customer needs to your business solutions.
Without the ability to articulate value in a way that resonates with a customer’s problems and business objectives, sales teams typically experience challenges like:

  • Selling on features vs. business value
  • Difficulty in differentiating from the competition
  • Selling too low within the organization

Consultative selling is based on solid business problem-solving skills. Sales teams that ask great discovery questions help lead customers from problems to solutions. By uncovering customer needs and linking those needs to business solutions, our clients have consistently gained more competitive wins, achieved higher deal margins and increased their average deal size.

You can get there too.

Get the right tools to improve your sales conversation

In order to improve the way your sales team engages with customers, you need a repeatable framework to guide the customer conversation. In our experience, that starts with clearly defining the value drivers and differentiators that are top-of-mind for your most influential buying audiences.
These value drivers and differentiators provide on-ramps into multiple levels of the customer organization and allow your team’s message to transform and resonate with the appropriate audience.

Command of the Message can help

In our Command of the Message workshop, we provide a navigational aid to help sales teams engage in a consultative sales conversation. The key tool produced during Command of the Message is the Value Messaging Framework.
We’ll work with your sales, marketing, and product teams to create a Value Messaging Framework that prepares them to be audible-ready. The Framework helps sales teams articulate the value and differentiation of your solutions in a way that impacts the buying criteria and sets the stage for solid business justification. We’ll also help your sales teams preserve margins through Value Communication, by focusing on value benefits rather than features and specifications.

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Articulate value and differentiate from your competition