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Consultative Selling Workshop for PreSales Consultants


This is a 2 day customized class designed for Presales professionals or any technical person that needs to help a sales person sell a high value solution. It is called 'consultative' because the behavioral change is about becoming more ' consultative' in the approach and to move away from presenting products and 100's of features that may not even attempt to solve a customer's problem.

The class is in 3 basic sections:

  • Soft skills for Presales people
  • The role and responsibility in the sales cycle from 1st request from Sales to 'win' the business and create reference
  • Workshops on sales qualification, customer discovery, question asking, handling difficult questions etc….the class finishes with a major case study and either interview roles plays or solution presentations

The class is designed to take great technical people - that love their product or even solution and turn them into people that love the business effect a product has on the customer and to find out this information.

At the end of the class the attendee knows how to qualify a sales person, how to think on their feet, how to teamwork with a sales person (tag team), how to present Customer business impact solutions and to shut up and listen!

Prior to the class the managers of the attendees are sent a 'menu' that allows them to indicate the level of focus to over 100 topics that effect the presales peoples process in a sales cycle or in the development of soft skills.


The main outcomes of this class are a better opportunity qualification with sales people, better teamwork to have an effective and creative sales team, and also how to deliver a Business Impact Solution presentation to the customer.


This class is proposed in partnership with Steve Capper worldwide expert consultant in this area. The workshop enables an increase of the presales maturity levels in a variety of skills as described in this  presales skills matrix.


It has been deployed and delivered worldwide with big vendors such as HP, BMC Software or SAP.


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